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Winstrol for women

It’s not a secret that nowadays almost all professional athletes use steroids in order to gain muscle mass or improve performance. However, steroid industry is intended for men, but not all of the athletes are men. Luckily there are a number of steroids suitable for women, and Winstrol is one of them. In this article we will discuss safe winstrol for women and why they should use it.

Why do women take Winstrol

First of all let’s see what Winstrol (Stanozolol) is. This steroid is a derivative of dihydrotestosteron or DHT. However, unlike DHT it has very low androgenic effect, which is 30% as compared to testosterone. Meanwhile its anabolic index is 320% (!) of testosterone. It is the only steroid with such distance between anabolic and androgenic effect.

Despite the high anabolic index Winstrol is not for bulking and women should not afraid of transforming into Hulk. Although it does build mass, however not to such extent as other anabolic steroids.

The major application of the drug is strength & performance enhancement. Besides it has powerful fat burning effect, which makes prominent muscular relief. That is why bodybuilders use it before competitions.

In terms of fat burning it can be compared with Oxandrolone, however Winstrol is much more effective.  Probably fat burning effect is the major reason of Winstrol popularity among female athletes. The thing is that females have slower metabolism than males, therefore they are genetically predisposed to fat deposition. Once gained, the fat is hard to get rid of, especially in problem areas like thighs.

To summarize all above said, women use Winstrol in order to get prominent muscular relief, to become stronger and slimmer with low risks of androgenic side effects. In other words it is strength pill and slimming pill in one tablet.

Winstrol cycle for women

The safe Winstrol dosage for women depends on the goals of female athlete. During bulking cycle you should take 5mg daily or 10mg every other day. For optimal results don’t forget about proper diet and daily exercises. The length of a cycle is 6 weeks. 

It also would be wise to split the dose during the day to keep even levels of the hormone in the blood. For cutting purposes use it at the dose 2-5mg for 6 weeks. For performance enhancement Winstrol is taken at the dose 2.5mg/day for eight-ten weeks. 

Side effects  

Although this steroid has very low androgenic index there are reports that it may cause androgenic side effects in women. After all we all differ and have different response to the drugs. Therefore, in case of any signs of virilization (voice deepening, clitoris enlargement and so on) you should stop using the drug immediately. In this case virilization is reversible. 

Since this drug is  C17a alkylated it may cause liver problems. Therefore during winstrol cycle you should use liver protectors (like milk thistle, LIV-52 or others) in order to reduce the stress to your liver. The major rule of safe winstrol cycle for women is – “Do not increase the dose or the length of your cycle”.

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